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Using a snowsuit or pramsuit in a sling or carrier can be dangerous! It may be tempting to wrap baby up when being carried but you forget that they are attached to a radiator... You!

❗Pramsuits and snowsuits are only for in a pram, when baby has no other heat source and open to the elements.

❗When baby is in a carrier, they are getting all the heat from your body as you are moving and walking. You all know how hot you can get when carrying, especially if you have those post birth flushes!

Let's look more at the why it's dangerous..

❗This can also be uncomfortable for you and baby.

❗Slumping, with all the padding and poor positioning, baby may end up slumping down into the suit or carrier causing an asphyxiation risk.

🥶If you want to keep baby and you warm in the cold, layer up! Layers are easy to open or take off depending what you are doing.

🚨Also remember that the same applies for carseats!

Check out a babywearing jacket or cover instead too. Not sure and need more help? Just get in touch, no judgement atall, I'll help you find a solution that works for you.

👉Check out my other blog, that has all the options for carrying in the cold and covers all budgets.

Laurna x

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