Get to Know Me & My Philosophy



Laurna, Babywearing Consultant

I'm Laurna, Mummy of two monkeys and live in the Scottish Highlands.

I love carrying and my favourite option to use is a woven wrap, I have quite a few! They are so versatile and beautiful pieces of art that you can wear!

I have been a carrying consultant for almost 7 years and I am also a peer trainer, this means I train others who want to support others.

I am also a social media manager, I focus on branding and graphics mainly and work with other carrying professionals delivering training.

I also create content for other Babywearing businesses and wrap companies, So you may see me on websites and instruction booklets!

I am a huge breastfeeding advocate and regularly share pictures of my feeding journey to help normalise breastfeeding. You may also recognise me from some breastfeeding clothing companies.


My aims are 'to educate and enable'

I aim to support parents/ carers to carry their babies and children in the safest most comfortable way. Giving safe advice and information to allow parents to make their own informed choices.

I try to support all parents in any way I can in a non judgemental safe environment.

I am inclusive of everyone in regard to race, religion, gender, disability age or religion.