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Weight limits lie


Let's talk weight limits and how they are not bloody helpful!

😲There are so many carriers on the market that advertise up to 'toddler' or up to age 4!

😒First, let's talk about 'toddlersize'. A child is technically classed as a toddler from 18m, so yes many of these will suit an 18m old toddler, but will they suit a 4year old? NO!

😑 In the pictures my wee man who was almost 4 but petite is in the ergo omni and the tula ftg. Both of these carriers are advertised up to 20kg and 4years.

❌Technically he is still within the weight limit for both, but are these suitable? NO.

👉🏻Don't get me wrong, if it's all you have and it's a quick run to shops ect, it will be OK. But to buy one of these after the age of 18m is pointless. You can see the panel only comes to the middle of his thighs. This can cause pins and needles, numb legs and be really uncomfortable. Also the carrier isn't offering full support, so your body is taking more strain.

😠 It's a marketing ploy to say this is the only carrier you need, it's not. Not if you want to carry regularly or for long distances.

✔️Swipe to see him fitting so much better in a full toddler carrier. Full leg support and less strain on my back too.

❤️If you want to look at options that really do support for longer then get in touch. But it's rare to find a carrier that will do from newborn to 4 that will actually be suitable for both those ages.

The only true option tjat will last from birtb to preschool is a woven wrap!

Do you need to check your carrier? Get in touch.

Laurna xx

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