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Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Recently I've had a few people decide not to book because they didn't realise they needed to pay. This is my business, my job that pays my mortgage, clothes for my children and food on our table.

Still wondering? Have a read of what you get and why I charge.

What am I paying for? Why do I need to pay?

A RELATIONSHIP When you book a consultation, you begin a supportive relationship. It includes no judgement, support and understanding. This relationship will last well past the consultation.

PLANNING Once I receive your booking form, I take in to account your needs and wants. I plan what would suit you, your baby and lifestyle. I will choose items you specify and also options you may not know of. I use my training and experience to ensure I choose suitable options for you. I will plan our session depending if you need extra assistance and the age and development of your baby or child.

TRAINING AND KNOWLEDGE You are paying for my training, knowledge and experience. I have 6 years experience and 5 years trained. I have completed training from two different schools and attended several cpd sessions. Some looking at specific issues like supporting children with additional medical needs. I am always constantly learning and developing. What I spend 30mins to 2hours teaching you has taken me years of continuous practice and training. So yes when I do something it may look easy, but so would you if you had been perfecting it for years.

INSURANCE The knowledge that I am insured for teaching you. I may show you an option to suit you and your baby that is outwit the instruction manual, but I am trained and insured to do so.

ADMIN The time I take to chat to you beforehand discussing your needs. You may want to chat about other options or what would suit you best. You may want to discuss medical issues for yourself or your child. After reading your booking form, I may need to ask some more questions so I can fully tailor your session. Once booked, I will email you detailing your booking date, what option you choose and how you will pay.

THE CONSULTATION When you come to the studio, I ensure everything is clean, bright and welcoming. Depending on the age of your child I will arrange some toys for them to play with while we chat. I create a welcoming environment where you can feel safe and relaxed. I do not rush you and we go at your own pace. We tend to chat and I pull on my experience as a parent to be empathetic and supportive of your choices and opinions. The studio is a safe space and everything you tell me is confidential.

ACCESS TO STOCK I have built a large selection of slings and carriers over the years. Some have been donated, some are bought with discount and some have been bought with my own money for you. By having a large selection, I can ensure that you have the best choice and chance of finding the perfect option for you and your baby. These are all available for you to hire for just £7.50 a week. By trying before buying you can be confident the option is the best for you.

THE FOLLOW UP You will receive another email, this will discuss any topics we covered in the consult. It will include my tutorial videos to support your practice at home. If you have hired anything, it will detail what you have chosen and the details for returning it.

ONGOING SUPPORT Even after the consultation has finished and you have returned your hire sling I will be here. If you go on to order a sling or carrier and have issues, I welcome you to come to me for advice. I may be able to help you sort any problems or point you in the right direction for more information. After a few months, you decide you want to try another position or carrier you know you can come back to me.

So, are you still wondering what you are paying for?

Laurna x

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