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Stretchy - Stretchy Wrap: A long piece of stretchy fabric, this is the idea sling for newborns and smaller babies. Don't be put off by the size of fabric, by the time you tie it on before baby goes in, the fabric is almost gone.

Caboo - Close caboo: This is more of a hybrid stretchy, as it has some structure and rings to tighten. This is also ideal for newborns and smaller babies. Daddies like caboos due to 'less faff'

TC/SPOC – Table Cloth – Simple Piece of Cloth: There’s some debate with this one. It's a woven material used for carrying your baby that wasn’t designed specifically for that purpose. Many people in the world use versions of these, as long as you are safe and confident in using then it's your decision.

WW – Woven wraps: These can come as machine woven or handwoven, from sizes 1 to 8. They are the most versitle sling as you are able to carry on the front, back and hip. A size 6 woven wrap is a great starter size as you are able to try a range of different carries to see what suits you.

RS - Ring Sling: A length of fabric with a pair of sling rings sewn into one end. Ring slings come in a range of sizes from small to xl. They have variations of “shoulders”, which means how the shoulder was sewn (Eesti, Box Pleat, Pleated Gathered, Hybrid, etc). Each company has their own style. It's all personal preference what you prefer.

Shorty - A short wrap: These are usually a size 2/3/4 depending on your body size. You are limited by the amount of carries you can do, but they are very handy once you learn.

SSC - Soft Structured Carrier/Buckle carrier: These carriers have a structured body, buckle waistband and shoulder straps. There are various brands including Tula, connecta, lillebaby, boba to name a few.

MT - Mei Tei: An Asian style carrier. This carrier has a structured body panel and long straps that come from the four corners. These come in a few sizes and there are adjustable ones on the market too.

WCMT – Wrap Conversion Mei Tei: A mei tei that has been made from a woven wrap. The straps are usually longer and wider, you can also add custom options.

WCRS – Wrap Conversion Ring Sling: A ring sling made from a cut up woven wrap.

WCFB - Wrap conversion full buckle: A buckle carrier made entirely or partly with a woven wrap.

Semi Wrap conversion: The outside of the carrier body is made with a wrap, the rest is canvas or cotton.

Half wrap conversion: The outside of the carrier body and straps are made with a wrap, the rest is canvas or cotton.

Full wrap conversion: The entire carrier is made using a woven wrap.

Onbuhimo: This is a Japanese style carrier and has no waistbelt. They have two straps coming from the top of the body panel that attach to the bottom by rings or buckles. Very popular for pregnant wearing due to no waistband.

Pod - Podaegi : Another Asian style carrier. Similar to an onbu as it only has two straps, but they wrap around the longer body panel, they do not attach to the carrier again.

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Really helpful info, thank you! Will book a consultation in the new year to go over our options :) x

Nov 15, 2021
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Look forward to it. X

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