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A comment I hear a lot from clients is “you make that look so easy!” To be honest I doubt I’d be doing my job very well if I made it look difficult!

But using a sling or carrier can be difficult at the start, it’s not as easy as grabbing one you like, popping it on and away you go.

It takes time, practice and technique and sometimes tears! But once you get it right, it’s one of the best feelings in the world! We all start somewhere, even me! I have been doing this for 7 years now. I have practiced, had lots of training, worked on techniques, tried things using my non dominant hand and even with my eyes closed! All of this allows me to better help and support you, but also that may be why it looks easy when I show you.

I know a lot, but I don’t know everything, I am still learning and teaching myself. The photos below are me using my very first woven wrap and stretchy wrap and my very first attempts! My first front carry and first back carry. Looking now I can see lots of issues that I can easily support and help correct if that person wanted it.

But I felt like Wonder Woman! I had managed to figure out how to use a massive length of fabric to hold my baby! My baby was safe, secure, happy and could breathe! Yes I could work on my technique, there is slack, it was digging into my neck a bit and could have been tighter or higher. But is that really important?

Please remember when looking at photos online or meeting someone in the street. It may be their first time and they probably feel amazing! Yes you have been carrying for a while, you have perfected your technique and you ‘know how to carry’. So next time you see someone ask for fitting advice or ‘how does this look’? Instead of focusing on the negatives, ask “How does it feel?” (A comment you should all know from me) If then they say it’s good, maybe a bit uncomfortable here, then you can maybe suggest something or going to a library session. Also remember someone may see your comments and be totally put off or loose all confidence to try. The person you tell 'that's not right, it's not safe' may be suffering from PND and might have a severe effect on them!

The best place for non judgemental support and advice is your local sling library. We all start somewhere!

So yes, I can make it look easy, but that’s my job to show you where you can get to. But everyone starts somewhere.

Encourage, enable and empower and be kind.

If you would like to learn more, get some support or start to carry just get in touch.

Laurna xx

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