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So this happened this afternoon! Caitlin has been asking if she can lift her brother yet, but I said no. I asked if she wanted to hold him in a wrap as it’s safer and she was so excited!

We used the bamboo stretchy by Joy and Joe baby It was wrapped round her tiny waist 6 times!

She was soo happy! Once Alexander settles he was so chilled too, looking up at his sister!

So far, we have had no issues adjusting to life as four. We told Caitlin she was going to be a big sister very early. And it was her job to then tell family. We very much made it that she was going to be a big sister, not that we were having another baby. This definitely worked well for us and she has been so excited since she found out.

I love seeing the bond between them deepen. Every morning Caitlin comes through to give her brother cuddles before breakfast. She helps set up for nappy time and wipes his face when he is sick. She is so proud and protective and it makes my heart beam!

I know it won’t always be like this, but I’m enjoying watching them grow together.

Being able to use slings has helped hugely because I can meet both of their needs at once. This doesn’t always happen obviously, but they give me the freedom to do so when needed.

Has using a sling or carrier helped you with a new addition?

Laurna x

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