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Valentine's Roses in rich red organic combed cotton and a soft ecru cotton weft - a timeless classic.

Soft and supportive, this sling is suitable for babies and toddlers alike.

As a huge Oscha fan, I was very happy to be able to review a lovely roses Eros.

They are a small Scottish family business with a workshop near Edinburgh, created by father and daughter team, Mike & Zoe Masters.

They create beautiful innovative and ethical carriers and wraps, they believe in creating products that have a low impact on the environment and commit to helping grow the local economy.

Their products are woven in the uk, manufactured in Scotland, and the majority is done in-house.

When I received the wrap, the packaging was so lovely. All items come wrapped in a branded canvas tote bag, wrapped with natural string with a wee tag with the name of the wrap. You also get a lovely info leaflet with plenty of info on how to wrap.

Eros is a lovely mouldable organic cotton that feels lovely straight out the package with the very distinctive oscha roses design that is very Rennie mackintosh esqu. It's a beautiful shade of red, not too dark and the lighter cream highlights each rose perfectly. It feels floppy, with a bit of texture but I'm sure it would soften up even more with plenty of wrapping. It's a nice weight too as it doubled up as a very cozy blanket in the car after out for a walk.

As a size 6, this length is perfect for any carry, even with my toddler. very supportive in a front carry, but more comfortable with a smaller baby for a longer period. The wrap is soft enough from the start that you don't need to work hard to tighten your passes, so would be perfect for those new to Babywearing and learning to wrap.

While in a simple ruck back carry, Caitlin fell asleep and after about half an hour I did start to feel the strain in my shoulders a wee bit. So for nap time the next day, I used a multi pass carry with chest support, and what a difference. I didn't feel anything, so definitely toddler nap worthy!

We played around with a few carries and fancy finishes with rings too, the wrap pulled through the rings smoothly and evenly. I did get a wee bit of slipping, but not anything that would cause any issues.

On the whole, Eros roses is another stunning Oscha woven wrap, it's comfy, supportive and easy to use from opening. Oscha will always have a special place in our stash too, as Caitlins favourite wrap of all time is 'her' roses blue ice. xx

Price for size 6 £124

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