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Key points:

4 seasons Thermo-FitExtra thick & vented padding on the belt and suspenders

Rear Mirror for back carrying

Extension pack "Booster" (in option)

When I first opened the physio carrier it looked a bit busy, with lots of straps and extra bits. But once I took it out properly and read over the instructions I was really eager to try it out. It does have a lot of features and straps but each one is an important function in the carrier and is really clever.

Putting it on, the waistband and shoulder straps are really padded and sturdy. I like the mesh lining on them, this will be great for keeping cool in the summer. It's a nice simple large buckle clip with safety elastic, also the elastic to tie up the loose straps are great as I hate flapping straps.

The arm straps are not fully connected, they have buckles which means you can have cross straps or straight straps. I prefer straight ones but it's always nice to have the option to appeal to everyone.

I really like the way that the chest strap is attached, it's on a slider rather than attached to the webbing. I find this makes it really easy to adjust, especially when you have baby on.

On the end of one of the straps is a handy wee mirror for back carries, nice touch.

Now the insert, it's so cute and compact! It's like a squished rugby ball that simply slides into an elasticated pouch. There is no need to strap, clip, hold it in, or even attach baby to insert first. It's nice and easy to pop in and use and creates a lovely wee seat for a smaller baby. Also easy to pop in and attach is the head support, it slides through a wee mesh tunnel at the top of the body panel, and secures by two snap studs.

On the front of the carrier, there are two straps on either side, these allow you to adjust the height of the body panel to fit a smaller baby. I did feel that these bunched up a wee bit, but you still get a secure fit so it's not really an issue.

The feature that I really like, is the mesh body panel that you access by unzipping the outer panel. It rolls up neatly and secures with two wee elastic loops. This would be great for use when on holiday or traveling. What I found it very useful for is when Caitlin was unwell and was running a high fever. She needed to be carried to soothe her but she was too hot, the physio carrier was perfect as it allowed me to carry her but also kept her cool.

The only negative thing I have to say about the physio carrier, is the hood. It's very small and only mesh, not great for getting caught in the rain.

On the whole, I really like this carrier and all the features and have already been recommending it to clients.

Price: €125 - for the canvas version

€135 - for the leather version that I have.

​€12 for the booster pack

Item gifted for review

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