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Let's talk about recommendations! When you want to start carrying, you may start looking around. You may ask friends, or join a babywearing group and ask, 'what's best for me?

Let's look at how this is not helpful. Now stay with me as it will make sense..

Let's say you are looking to buy a new car, you pop by the butchers and know that they have just got a new car. So you start a conversation and hear how much they love it and works perfectly for them and what they need. So you then head to the dealer and buy the same one as its been so well recommended. The car is a 2 door mini.

But after buying, you realise its only got 2 doors, but you have two children with large car seats. The boot is also too small for a familys weekly shop, plus your kids scooter. It also doesn't work well for your partner, who is 6ft5 as it doesn't fit their body. You also have limited mobility and need automatic but this car is manual.

But now you are stuck with this car, and you must sell at a loss.

But after selling, you decide to go to the car dealer, they show you options that fit both you and your partner. Ones that have 5 doors with a large boot and isofix. The car even has extra cup holders for your morning coffee and heated seats. It also comes with all the mot and services you need forever for free.

Now this is the perfect car for you and you are so happy.

This is what happens when you visit a consultant. We are here to find the best option for you and your needs.

🚙You may want to share carrying with a partner of a different size.

🚙You may want to carry different size children.

🚙You may have limited mobility or restrictions or struggle to adjust in a certain way.

🚙Your baby may be small and need special care.

🚙You may have a budger you need to stick to.

🚙You may have shoulder or back pain.

This is what we do, we take everything into consideration and show you how to adjust and fit things to your body and your needs.

So let me save you money and time, book in and I'll find your perfect option, not the one recommended.

Laurna x

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