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How to fit your stretchy wrap.

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Do you struggle with the passes on your stretchy wrap? Not sure how it's meant to look?

Then let me help. Here are pictures showing each stage of putting on a stretchy wrap correctly and safely.

1. Baby is sat in the cross pass, babies bum is low and their body curves against parent. Each pass is sat in the knee pit.

2. The first pass is spread smoothly and fully across babies back. The fabric spreads diagonally and supports knee to knee. All the excess goes from shoulder to knee pit and the hem is smooth on babies back. If baby is looking that way, a shoulder flip can be added.

3. The same is repeated with pass two, spread diagonally across babies back. Nice and smooth, knee to knee.

4. The third and final layer is brought up horizontally to the back of babies neck. Bring the panel to your armpits to make it horizontal and excess sits under babies bum. Babies feet are not covered.

If you still need more support, then feel free to book in for a 1:1 session.

Also if this was helpful, feel free to buy me a coffee at..

Laurna x

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