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Did you know that skin to skin can help to reduce a fever? It helps by regulating body heat reducing temperate and fever. This happens by stabilising babies heartrate and breathing patterns.

This can be beneficial when in a sling or carrier, it means that babies body can fully relax. It allows your muscles to relax too, helping to calm you if worried or stressed.

Alexander is currently teething with a horrible cold and he is miserable. His temperature was up over 39 at one point and medicine wasn't helping.

We did lots of skin to skin, mostly lying in bed as I was also feeding him trying to allow him to sleep. When he wouldn't settle and I was too tired to hold him in my arms we used a wrap. I used this lovely Lisca by DIDYMOS - Das Babytragetuch as its such a lovely light breathable woven. So although I spread the fabric for support it wasn't too hot.

You can do skin to skin various ways, opening clothes, taking off a layer ect. I had on my bra and Alexander hap on a nappy and trousers. His legs were cold but still had plenty skin contact.

I've had a few messages recently asking if wrapping is still OK when baby has a fever, I always say yes, depending on how high the fever is.

Have you used skin to skin to help with fever or illness?

Laurna x

(Skin to skin is more beneficial for babies 6m and under, but can still be beneficial when older. Babies fever had lowered when he was in the wrap and I kept an eye on him. It was more to settle him after being so distraught.

Obviously if baby has a very high fever you would seek medical advice and treat with medication if needed. We were using medication to reduce the fever too. Always be mindful of your own situation and baby)

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