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5 Reasons to hire before buying


Are you wondering why you would hire from the sling library when you can just go buy a sling or carrier?

There are lots of reasons, but let's look at 5...


What happens when you spend £££ on a carrier because your friend has it but its not comfy? You may only use it once or twice but then can't return it and loose money selling on. Spending a wee amount hiring something suited to you and your needs means you can find the best options and only buy once!


You find the best option for you. Usually you will hire after a tailored session. You will be shown several options best suited to your wants and needs and find the best option for you. I have years of experience and am able to support you and find the best option for you and baby. You may have issues with mobility or struggle to tighten in a certain way. I can pinpoint those issues and offer solutions.


By hiring a sling or carrier, you know that it's safe. All library slings are regulary checked and cleaned. Also all slings and carriers are purchased from reputable retailers and businesses. It's not a fake, cheap copy or has been recalled.


You can hire the best option for you in your price range, not just the first one on amazon. If you have a budget, I will offer items suited to this, I won't try to encourage you to spend outwith your means.


Once you hire and find your best option, you get given a link and code to buy with a discount! Depending on the company, this could be anywhere from 5-20%

🤔So what's stopping you from hiring? I offer postal hire covering the whole of the UK so no need to be local.

🌸You can also hire without booking a session if you know what you want to try.

😁So why not hire today?

Laurna x

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