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How is my subscription different from learning on YouTube?

I created my wonderful wovens subscription service due to my love of wraps. I wanted people to have the chance and resources to learn correctly and safely.

🤔If you type 'how to use a woven' into YouTube, you will get loads of videos. There is no shortage, but are they decent? Do they cover safety points? Do they discuss what to do at different ages? Do they teach you what they know or what you need to know?

How is wonderful wovens different?

💕 I am a trained and insured consultant. I have been teaching carrying for almost 8 years. Woven wraps are my speciality, not just because I love them, but because I have been practicing and learning for years.

💕 I know what I'm doing, I didn't just create a video to show my friends.

💕 Everything is up to date regarding safe practice.

💕 I show you how to change things and adapt for babys behaviour (leaning, upset ect)

💕 All videos are clear, well lit, subtitled and use a real baby, no dolls!

💕 I give you a 360 view and up close of what you need to see.

💕 I have mini masterclasses, this looks at small things like how to make a pass or a knot up close, slowly and in depth.

💕 I help you choose a wrap based on your ability, needs, likes and child.

💕 You get 1:1 troubleshooting sessions to help you work out any issues you may have.

💕 You get lifetime follow up support through the group.

So yes, you can learn through YouTube, spending hours looking for the right videos, practice and struggle.

Or, you can sign up, learn everything you need from the first carry to the advanced back carry.

Let's make your wrapping journey smooth, subscribe today, or add it to your Christmas list.

Laurna x

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