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❓Where does my baby need to sit❓ We are talking about hip carries here, but this applies to any sling or carrier that can be used on your hip. When carrying in arms, it's natural to pop your hip and use the power of your body to wrap around baby. This means that your hips and shoulders end up twisted. This is why carrying in arms can become tiring quickly, as you are using more muscles and energy. You can see in the top pictures I'm carrying baby in arms, my body is twisted and my shoulder is pushed back. If baby is in the sling this way, you are using less energy, but your posture is still twisted and arm is not in its natural position. This may also mean baby doesn't get a good seat and can easily pop it. Now look at the bottom pictures, baby is still in a 'hip carry' but more to the front My body is not twisted and my arm sits in its natural position. When baby is in the sling, I can create a better secure seat and my arm sits naturally. This is more comfortable both for you and baby and can prevent any pain in a hip carry. Has this helped you? Why not say thanks by buying me a coffee? Laurna x

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