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Stretch marks, or tiger stripes. Whatever you want to call them why is there such a stigma about them?

Up till a couple of weeks ago, I had only a couple of silvery ones from my last pregnancy. They didn’t bother me and didn’t stop me from flashing my bump. Now baby is pushing my tummy to its limit I have quite a few. I’m still happy to share my bare belly to you all though! They are darker, more prominent and all around my belly, but do I care? NO!

Does it mean I should hide away? Do I have to go looking for the best cream the will help them fade? A lot of people would say yes! But why?

Stretch marks that appear in pregnancy are like a badge of honour! They mean that your body is stretchy to grow and nourish a life! Of course they don’t happen to everyone, but those who do shouldn’t feel the need to hide them.

When you google ‘stretch marks’ the first things you see is ‘how to fade yours’ ‘what's the best way to remove them’ ‘what’s the best cream for them’

Why is there such a taboo on some marks on your skin that others think you should hide??

In this day and age we are made to feel inadequate and have to have the perfect body, skin, figure. We are all different so why should we all strive for the same? If everyone was the same, the world would be a bloody boring place!

Of course if you feel you need to use creams or lotions to help them face then that’s your choice. But do it for you. I use cream but only to help with the itch that comes with my body stretching to grow my baby. It’s a normal moisturiser, not a specific one for stretch marks. But it’s your choice!

Stretch marks on a woman should be celebrated and shown without fear of others comments!

So who is with me? Let’s see those beautiful tiger stripes!!

Laurna xx

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