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This wrap came in a black branded tote bag in a simple white box. The bag is nice and wide so very handy!

Also included is a lovely variety of information and instruction booklets. There is also a lovely wee dvd included in every box!

When I first saw this wrap it wasn't what I expected, when I think of Joy and Joe, I think of sugar skulls and lovely colours and patterns. But then I read the idea behind this wrap and to me it made sense.

This wrap is inspired by minimalistic sophistication and Coco Chanel. It's an elegant classic wrap, and it really goes well with anything.

So even if like me you are a fan of rainbows and bright colours, you will still love this wrap!

When I opened the wrap it had a 'fluffy towel' feel, was lovely and soft. It felt really sturdy and not as thick as I had expected. I put Caitlin straight into a simple back carry and it moulded to us both beautifully. It was so easy to adjust and tighten, I didn't have to work hard or break a sweat like most new wraps. The way that it pleated as I gathered it on my shoulders fitted in with the sophisticated feel of this wrap.

I have had a great play about with this wrap, it's been worn in several different carries, braided and Caitlin has even had it to bed a few times. It softens up even more and becomes floppier every day.

I managed to complete a more advanced carry with this and once it was tied, it felt like putting on a new jacket that fits perfectly. That's the moment I fell in love with Monochrome dream.

I thought this was going to be a lot more than it is, as you get that high quality feel from it, I think down to the classic monochrome look too, but for a size 5 which is what I have, it's only £79.99! That is an amazing price for anyone!

It fits in perfectly with their #embracewrapping campaign which aims to enable more families to use woven wraps.

This is not normally the kind of wrap I would go for, but it has really won me over by ticking all the boxes.

This would be perfect for anyone new to babywearing, it's ready to use, simple to adjust, very sturdy and so comfortable too.

Wrap gifted as an ambassador for brand

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