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On Tuesday morning I woke up very early, my left breast was very swollen, feeling full, extremely painful, burning hot, but no redness. I decided to get up and try to pump. We no longer feed at night and occasionally I will wake up feeling slightly full. Pumping was very painful which it normally isn't, I still felt full so by this time wee man was up and I got him to feed. Hi suction is better than a pump so I hoped it would help. Feeding him was excruciating which it never has been. I felt like I had a fever, was feeling fluey and run down. I knew was it was, Mastitis!

I called the doctor, after speaking on the phone she agreed that's what it sounded like but wanted to examine me. I was able to go quickly and had it confirmed. Even after paracetamol it was classed as a severe case due to having a high temperature and feeling really unwell. She noticed the redness had started.

I was started on antibiotics but the main two recommended were ones I was allergic to! I had to wait to hear from hospital what was suitable. They got collected and I started them later that day.

I continued to feed but it was so painful, but I knew it was the best thing to do.

Day two, the redness had started more, my breast was more swollen but not as hot. It was still very sore. I had a hot shower, lots o water and rest and was still feeding. I was trying different positions including dangle feeding. I only had a slight fever but feeling really run down

Day three, I was feeling brighter. My breast was less swollen, bit of lump, and less painful no redness. I had no fever but still feeling run down and tired.

Day four, today. I have no swelling, no redness and almost no pain. My breast feels normal and feeding was slightly uncomfortable but not painful.

I'm very lucky this had cleared up quickly but I'm still going to compete the course of antibiotics.

I got lots of tips, many I had l've shared with mums in the past although this is the first time I ever had it.

I'll add them below if you ever need them.

* Continue feeding or pumping * Warm compress, * Hot shower directed at breast, * Hot bath and massage breast, * Cabbage leaf in bra, * Drink plenty water, * Use electric toothbrush or vibrator for massage, * No bra or tight clothing, * Dangle feeding, * Position baby's chin over blockage when feeding.

Also I highly recommend contacting the GP ASAP as I heard too many stories of what can happen if you wait too long!

Have you ever had Mastitis? What are your tips?

Laurna x

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