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Today is the start of European Babywearing Week and today's topic is prematurity. So, can you carry premature babies with low birth weight?

Simple answer is yes, but...

✨Its not as simple as just buying a sling and following the instructions. All slings come with a minimum weight limit for a reason. Also all instructions are aimed at full term age and weight babies, so it's not that easy.

🌼Premature babies are usually still very curled up,

🌼They have lower muscle tone and may be slightly more 'floppy',

🌼They have a higher risk of slumping if not supported.

🌼 They have little or no head control so need full support to keep airways open.

🌼 They may have complex medical needs or have tubes attached.

👍🏻But, as a trained and insured consultant, I can support you to carry safely and securely. Consultants can work outside the weight limits on slings to be able to support you and baby.

I can show you different ways to use a sling that will safely support baby even at a low weight.

So yes, you can carry a preemie, there's just a bit more to it.

Have you carried a teeny wee one? Need help to do so? Get in touch if you need support.

Laurna x

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