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Sling rings - Medium
  • Sling rings - Medium

    Aluminium sling rings made by trusted US manufacturer. Sold in pairs. Please note: colour shades may vary from batch to batch. Some small scratches or patches of discolouration may be noticeable on rings, especially the brighter and darker colours! Rings will not lose their colour over time.

    Specifically for use in baby carriers - either with woven wraps for the short cross carry hold and no-sew ring slings, or in home made projects. Strong, colourful and weld-free! Also make great tactile baby toys :D

    • Medium sized rings (2.5"/6.3cm inner diameter, 3.0"/7.6cm outer) are suitable for use with lighter fabrics with 30-45" width (e.g. a pashmina or scarf - be sure that it's strong enough to hold baby!)
    • Large sized rings (3.0"/7.6cm inner diameter, 3.5"/8.9cm outer) are good for thicker woven fabrics, or for if you have trouble adjusting smaller rings.
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