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I thought it would be best to do a wee blog on this.

When I started charging, especially in lockdown I had some not very nice comments. So I just wanted to be fully transparent and clear things up.

To book on each walk, I charge £2 per person, this helps to control numbers and confirm bookings but also for other things...

🍂 Petrol - before any walk is added to the list, I travel there first.

🍂Insurance - I am covered under my insurance to ensure the safety of everyone who joins.

🍂 My time - this is the big one.

🍁For each walk, I block off the whole morning, this means I take no session bookings.

🍁The time I spend advertising the walks thanks to FB hiding posts I have to keep bumping events.

🍁The time I take going and doing the walk first. This is to ensure many things like parking, safety, route planning and risk assessments. Again time I'm not able to run sessions.

🍁 Time updating risk assessments.

🍁 Time planning walks to ensure there is variety, including more advances walks and buggy friendly options.

There is a lot more involved than just meeting up and walking, a lot more that noone sees.

But, if that £2 is a barrier to you attending then please get in touch. If you are struggling in any way, there will be no judgement but you will be booked in for free.

I don't want there to be any barriers to you joining and enjoying this lovely group.

So I hope to see you soon, I've got some fun things planned for autumn!

Laurna xx

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