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🤔 "Where do the arms go?"

Where do the arms go?

The ideal place for babys arms are either side and hands up at their face.

❤️This allows then access to their hands which they love. It allows them to explore their sense of touch.

😒Restricting a babys hands can cause them to be irritated or upset which you could mistake for not liking the sling.

😬Even if a carrier offers 'arm holes' don't use them, instead allow baby to keep their arms and hands snuggled in close to their body.

🤗Once baby reaches 4/5months, you can give them some freedom by having an arm out of the sling. Is allows them to reach and explore more and reach up to touch you too.

😂 At toddler age, they can do what they like, as long as it doesn't involve shoving lego up your nose!

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