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I met this lovely lady on Friday at Sling show Scotland professionals evening.

First I was approached by her friend who wanted to ask how far along I was because her friend was due a similar time. I told her that I was 5.5 months and due in January.

Then she introduced her friend (lady in picture) and we got chatting. It turned out we were not just due around the same time, we have exactly the same due date! And it gets better, we are both having our second babies, our first are both girls, and now expecting boys! My mind was blown!

Even more so when I saw her bump, or lack of! As you can see in the picture, I am very clearly showing with a lovely round bump, but this lady doesn’t seem to look pregnant atall! We had a laugh about it as we were chatting and we were both amazed.

This is a great visual example of how our bodies are so different and amazing! We are both expecting our second child, both exactly the same stage in pregnancy but we look totally different! Although we are the same height, similar weight and body type, our bodies are behaving differently.

Now, everyone always has to have an opinion though. If you have a small bump, people are worried you are not eating enough, or worried that baby is growing alright. If you have a large bump, people assume you are eating for two, or there is more than one in there, “sure there isn’t one hiding?” I’m sure plenty of you have heard that?!

But you never know how that off the cuff remark can effect a woman! That lady with the small bump may be constantly worried, she may have to be monitored for her babies growth. The lady with the large bump may be self conscious of any weight gain (that society already makes us suffer for) She may be carrying twins, but may not know if she will be taking both home!

So unless you really know someone and what they are going through in their pregnancy, keep your comments and opinions to yourself. That comment may mean nothing to you, but it could make a woman crumble!

I am very relaxed and open with my second pregnancy and happy to be open and honest. If you want to ask me anything or chat I am very happy to talk. But not everyone is.

Be mindful, be respectful, say congratulations, good luck and move on.

Laurna x

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