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🤔Over or under? Talking about a meh dai and a half buckle, where do the passes go?

😊When wrapping, you are taught the passes need to go over then under. This is to add security and lock that seat in place.

😀 When using Meh dai or half buckle, you have a waistband, this means you don't need the passes to secure the seat. So you can choose!

😏 It also depends on the sling you have, some have narrow straps that sit nicely under. Some have lovely wide straps that work well over.

😁 It also depends on the age of baby. With an older heavier baby or toddler, you may like to spread the passes to give more layers and more support.

🤗However you choose, it's right.

❤️So do you go over or under?

Laurna x

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