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To the loom and back is owned and run by Handweaver Sian in England. She works with two looms, one sophisticated and smooth called Gertrude, the other is the old and grumpy Frank, who recently was transformed into Frankenloom!

When I began speaking to Sian about reviewing something, rocking pink was already on the loom. She asked me if I would prefer it to be completed with cotton or hemp, considering most of my experience is with cotton wraps, I chose hemp. This gave it a lovely custom feel about it!

Rocking pink is aptly named as it is bright pink, it also looks like it has black flecks through it, but when you look closer it's actually deep green and purple flecks which give it a lovely 'crackle' effect.

When it arrived, it was wrapped in a natural canvas tote bag with the logo printed on it, wrapped in natural string and a wee tag. Sian had also added in a couple of wee bags of organic sweets, Caitlin loved this part! I had to remind myself to take a photo before I pulled it open.

I opened it up and oh my goodness the softness! I have a machine woven hemp wrap and it's so stiff and hard so this felt so gorgeous. The colour was so bright and beautiful in real life too, Caitlin loved the pink uppy.

It was thick and heavier than I thought it would be, but it didn't put me off at all.

I threw Caitlin straight up in a simple back carry with a chest support carry and the way it felt was so luxurious. The way that it sat on my shoulders with a fold made it feel like I was wearing a buckle carrier with extra padded straps it was that comfortable. I didn't manage to tighten everything up evenly at first, but I didn't notice till I looked back at the picture. So that proves how supportive it is that I didn't even feel any slack. The only thing 'wrong' with this wrap was that I was told that the middle marker was sewn on squint, but really who actually pays that amount of attention to a middle marker when you just want to wrap your baby and enjoy Babywearing? I don't, do you?

When I tied it off there was quite a big knot, but with handwoven, big knots look better I think. I tried lots of different carries with this stunning wrap and loved how it felt and supported my toddler effortlessly. Sian really did an amazing job with this, and I loved it so much that I wanted to buy it, sadly I couldn't sell a kidney in time :).

The price for Rocking pink was £320 which yes is a lot, but it was a one of a kind and Sian won't be making another.

The tester after me bought this wrap, and luckily by then I was able to buy this, and it's lived here ever since. If you are wanting to invest in a wrap, then a handwoven is the way to go.

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