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Every Monday, i'll be looking at the rediculous rules and myths you hear about babywearing. I will be giving you the correct, up to date information to keep you and your wee one safe and comfy. Let's start with a big one! Be sure to save and share!

🤔 Does carrying damage baby's hips?

Unfortunately for this, there is no yes or no answer as it depends. It depends on baby and what carrier you are using.

👉🏻If your baby has no hip concerns and not awaiting treatment, then no. Carrying will not damage baby's hips.

👉🏻What if my baby already has hip displasia or waiting further tests?

👍🏻If you are using a wide base ergonomic carrier then no, you cannot damage baby's hips. If your baby does end up with casts, or boots ect, your babys hips will be held in a wide position which is very similar to the carrier position.

👎🏻If you are using a budget high street narrow base carrier then yes. You could possibly cause more issue, but it depends on how much you use the carrier and the severity of the HD. You may not use the carrier as much as they tend to be uncomfortable for longer periods. Babies are born with hip issues, it cannot be caused by a sling or carrier.

😐 If my baby does have hip displasia, does that mean I can not carry? Not atall.

You may find, having baby in a supportive carrier will be more helpful. Depending on the treatment, cast, brace, pavlik harness ect, it may be difficult to use a buggy.

If you have any concerns over your baby's hips, please talk to your health professionals first.

If you would like support to carry to ensure your baby is safe and supported, then book in.

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Laurna x

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