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My feeding journey started almost 8 years ago with my daughter.

I knew from the start I wanted to breastfeed, I didn't have any friends with babies at the time so just thought it would be natural and easy.

When she was born, she was brought to my breast and she latched beautifully for that first feed. Once we were back on the ward it continued to be that easy that I imagined.

Untill she had to be taken to scbu..

Once in scbu, I was called every couple of hours to feed her, she would latch and want to cluster feed. My milk wasn't in yet so I really had no idea what I was doing.

I was then told she was 'the loudest baby in scbu and hungry', so I had to top her up with formula. (She was also given a dummy that we asked her not to be given)

We were then in the top up trap before my milk had come in. In the ward, I was advised to hand express and given a syringe and a spoon. I had no idea, the PNT and PND was starting to creep in!

Once home we were still using top ups and told to keep to a strict schedule, every 3 hours day and night, offer both breasts then top up with formula. Eventually we cut the formula and with me pumping we were topping up with breast milk. There were sometimes were I was so tired I just got Daddy to bottle feed her instead.

I have blocked a lot out, but I think it was a couple months before we came off the top ups.

A result of this meant I wasn't producing enough milk! I ended up taking supoliments and being prescribed medication to help with my supply.

Thankfully, once she was on more food, things settled and we got into a good feeding routine with no meds.

My feeding goal was 2 years, and we passed this with no problems! I was then happy to let her self wean.

At 2 years, 2months and 2 days, out feeding journey was stopped. I had a relapse with my back issues, it was medication to walk or keep feeding... So we had our last feed.

I'm so proud of what we managed, we had lots of other non feeding issues too, and I loved it.

With my son, I was more informed and experienced.

Arounf 36 weeks, I started harvesting my colostrum, being prepared for a scbu stay or needing extra ASAP.

I had the confidence to refuse formula unless it was an emergency and knowledge.

After a traumatic birth, he was given a quick first feed while I was rushed to theatre. While I was there, Daddy had skin to skin time and fed him all the colostrum I had harvested. By the time I was conscious he was desperate for boob!

He latched like a champ and is still boob obsessed at 2.5years!

This time I have had Mastitis, clogged ducts and blebs, but I have continued to feed all through it.

My goal was to pass what I did with my daughter and for him to self wean. It wasn't our choice to stop the last time, but it will be this time.

How has your feeding journey been?

Laurna x

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