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Mental health awareness


❤️Today is mental health awareness day.

You may wonder how babywearing and mental health go together and you would be suprised.

🧡Babywearing has huge mental health benefits to you, baby and even those around you.

💛 Carrying your baby in a sling or carrier can help create and secure the bond with your child. Many birthing parents, like myself are not lucky enough to have that huge rush of love and instant bond with their baby. But with support and a sling, this can improve over time. Creating that 'womb like' environment on the outside is hugely beneficial. It can boost the levels of oxytocin, the hormone that encourages the feeling of love, attachment and nurturing.

💚 Using a sling or carrier can give you back some of that freedom you had before being a parent. Noone tells you how it feels after becoming a parent. After the waves of visitors have been and your partner returns to work, it's lonely. Suddenly being in a whole new routine, feeling lost and having to care for a whole new person!

But holding your baby in a sling or carrier, you can start to find your way again. You can do some things in the house with two hands. You can get out for fresh air and gentle exercise without all the external extras that make you two separate entities.

You can be one as you walk freely together as you create this new version of yourself.

💙 Carried babies are calmer babies, it's a fact! Carrying reduces crying in babies by up to 43%. Less crying helps to build your confidence as a parent or carer. Using a sling or carrier gives you something else in your skill set that soothes baby. Knowing you have something that will calm, relax and help baby sleep is a huge benefit

💜 Having baby in a sling or carrier can help with sibling bonding too. Not having to ask children to wait or leave baby to cry. Carrying baby means you can give all your attention to all children at the same time. You can go to the park, do an activity in the house or go a walk.

💗 Has carrying helped you? If you are struggling though, always remember you can reach out for support!

💟Breathing space -

🖤Pandas -

Remember that I offer a safe, supportive, judgement free space at all times too.

Laurna x

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