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When you start out with wraps, you will hear 'making a seat' a lot.

A good wrap job can be make or break without a good seat, but what does it mean?

A 'seat' is where babies bum sits in the fabric, it needs to be deep enough to support baby in their natural position. This means bum low and knees high.

A way I describe to all my clients is imagine you are sat in a hammock. The way the fabric goes in a straight line from knee to knee and your bum hangs low. This is what we want to replicate in a wrap, we also want a good seat in buckles but its not exactly the same.

When playing in our new pocket swing, I thought this visually demonstrates this exact visual!

You can see the fabric in a straight line, supporting a lovely seated position.

No fabric goes between you and baby and NOT pulled up to their bellybutton.

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