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This is the shanti forest ring sling with fringes from Löft Ring Slings.

Its a 100% GOTS certificated organic handwoven cotton ring sling Xmas approximately 195cm (plus rings and fringes), 66cm wide, 260gsm.

The sling arrived in a luxurious black box and was lovely to see no plastic but in another box inside.

It's such a light in hand sling and feels lovely and thin but strong. A great option for smaller babies and toddlers. The shoulder is gathered which is what I prefer personally as you can spread for more comfort.

The tighter weave gives it a great strength and also a nice amount of grip so no slip on the rings.

The fringes are a beautiful way to finish that really gives it that fancy feel. Leave them hanging or wrap round the rings for a fancy finish.

We have used this lovely sling a good few times now. A ring sling is such a great option for quick ups so it's always too hand. A carry after running in the woods, popping to the shops, dropping big sister at groups.

We have also used it for some naps, and at 2years my wee man was super comfy. Although the fabric is thinner in hand, it wasn't diggy and moulded round him perfectly while he napped. I also spread it fully over me for more support and no issues after an hour.

Thank you for gifting this lovely sling to try!

This will be available in the library soon, would anyone would like to try this little bit of luxury?

Laurna x

Top from @stylish_mum1 use my code 'STYLISHCOORIE for a discount.

(Video is not a tutorial, just looking at the sling in action. My ring sling tutorial link in comments.)

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