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Two things that you may think don't mix well. You may think that you can't carry while your wee one is learning to use the potty or toilet. But you can.

😲It doesn't matter what age your child shows signs or wants to learn, if you are still carrying, you don't need to take a break.

😁Here are some tips when carrying and your wee one is learning.

👍🏻 Use a cotton wrap or something that is easily washed. Accidents happen and that's ok, but maybe not use a wool/cashmere or hard to wash sling during that time.

👍🏻 Offer your wee one to use the toilet before going up, go with them at the same time if needed.

👍🏻 Ask them what they are going to say to you if they need to go so you can take them down. Remind them they can ask you anytime.

👍🏻 Break up a long walk or trip and suggest you all have a loo break.

👍🏻 If worried about accidents (or you only have one sling) you could use a small thin waterproof mat under wee ones bum in the sling.

👍🏻 Have a change of clothes for you and wee one incase it's needed.

👍🏻 Be prepared for accidents to happen, it's still all new. Remember a good seated position in the sling may feel like a toileting position for wee one too.

🧻Take it easy, if you want a few days at home to practice before going on an adventure, that's ok. Every journey is different, do what works for you.

Do you have any tips to share for carrying while potty training?

Laurna x

(Wrap is from Luluna Slings )

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