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Carrying in the cold


As soon as it gets cooler, you may be starting to worry how to keep you and baby cozy and safe. So here is a guide and some videos for you.

There are lots of ways that you can keep cosy, but here is some guidance and tips on how.

Rember to be mindful of the activity you are doing, if you are going on a longer walk, you may not need as many layers due to being warmer while carrying. If you are going a shorter slow walk, you may need more layers.

Remember that what sling or carrier you are using also makes a difference.

A buckle carrier would be classed as one layer, but a stretchy or woven would be three.

Remember this guide.... ❄️ NO SNOWSUITS Snowsuits and pramsuits are not for in slings. These create overheating and poor position. ❄️ LAYER UP Layer up, remembering that each layer of a sling or carrier is at least one. Woolie cardis are great. Ensure that scarves don't cover babies face. ❄️ COATS OR COVER Investing in a babywearing coat is great, but an oversized coat or cover is also good. ❄️ COVER EXTREMITIES If you don't have a coat or cover, concentrate on extremities. Always give baby a hat! ❄️ FOOTWEAR Beaware of where you are walking, and choose appropriate footwear to prevent slips and falls.

Here are some videos showing options on what you can use and do to keep cozy.

🍁 How to dress babies in the cold 🍂 How to dress prewalkers in the cold (front carry) 🍂 How to dress older kids (back carry) 🍂 I hope it helps, let me know if it does and feel free to buy me a coffee to keep me warm! If you are looking for a babywearing coat or cover, get in touch for a discount code. Laurna x

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