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Did you know that slings can be beneficial for your feeding journey?

💪Being able to feed in a sling can help to increase your supply. Having baby skin to skin in the sling can boost your Oxytocin levels and reduce stress. This love hormone can also help reduce PND.

💪 Having baby close in the sling can help you notice baby's hungry cues earlier. This means you can feed baby calmly before baby gets overwhelmed and upset.

💪 Feeding in a sling can give you a free hand to do things you need, even if it's making some food or a cup of tea.

💪 Being able to feed on the go, means you can be present for other children, you won't be stuck on the couch.

💪 Freedom! Being able to feed anywhere means you can still be you! No need to feel like things have to change and you have to plan your day round feeds.

💪 Confidence in your feeding journey and possiblily of enabling you to feed longer.

Want to learn how to feed in your sling or carrier? Why not book in for a 1:1 session?

🤔What's your favourite benefit of feeding in a sling?


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