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This is me! Four months post partum. As raw and honest as I can get!

I was very excited to get to model the new colours for @molke_uk a brand you all know I love and wear everyday.

I have posted pictures before of me just in my molke bra, but never my pants! I don't even wear a bikini as I'm just not comfortable in one.

Looking at my body and knowing what it's done, I'm pretty damn proud and amazed at how it looks. It's been stretched, broken, twisted, pulled, prodded and poked over the years. And it's also grown two amazingly beautiful children, and my bumps were huge!

I have a daughter who is getting to the age where she is becoming more interested in what to wear of what other people look like. We have always taught her that everyone looks different and that's OK, not everyone has to be the same or what you see on TV!

But we can't just say these things, we need to show them, we need to act in the same way.

When my stretch marks appeared in my second pregnancy, I used them to teach her about bodies changing. And also how they may never go away but that's OK. I don't hate my stretch marks, they remind me of the tough job my body did to make space for my babies, how can that be a bad thing?

My boobs are different and will be again when I stop feeding eventually, they don't point the same way or stay in the same shape with no bra.

My middle is squidgy, has stretch marks and hangs low.

My thighs are wobbly, even an ant couldnt get through my thigh gap, my jeans wear away and I have cellulite.

But this body isn't bad and shouldn't be shamed, this is #bodynormality.

So, next time you are quickly getting dressed to cover up the bits you don't like. Why not appreciate them? You only have one body, we are far too obsessed with 'snapping back' and looking a certain way, but why? Our bodies are bloody amazing! So be nice to it and have that bit of cake if you want it!

Who's joining me? #bodynormality

Laurna x

(Underwear gifted by @Molke in return for photos, but I already have a drawer full of bras I purchased)

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