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This morning I opened an honest conversation with my daughter. It was about people of colour and white privilege and it was hard. But it was important and I was really impressed with her and her questions.

When she heard about people hurting others just because of the colour of their skin, she replied "why? They are just people too". We had a good conversation and I left it open to her to come back with questions any time. We talked about our black friends and how it's important to treat everyone equally and question those who don't.

Then we looked at toys, she picked out some of the nins that were a slightly darker colour which I didn't notice!

We have two wooden dolls from her doll house too and most other toys are wooden but not people.

We then went through a good chunk of all the books that are out at the moment, and I was very impressed with what we ended up with.

Th pile on the right all have some representation of poc, not all main characters but feature in the book somewhere.

All our other books are just animal characters or don't feature people.

Swipe and you will see my demo dolls, the smallest one is usually taken by the kids to play and is preferred over the white doll. Have you spoken to your children lately? Have you looked at the BAME representation in your household? This stands for 'Black, Asian and minority ethnic' x

Laurna x

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