Soul sling switch sides

Soul sling switch sides

Soul woven wrap

100% cotton

size 5

  • Terms & Conditions of Hire


    HIRE FORM: A form will be completed with your name, address and contact details, carrier name, loan charge, return method and due date. – Your details will be kept in accordance with Data Protection Act 2018 and will only be used to contact you with regards to your hire. the full data protection file is available if you would like to read too.

    COST: £7.50 for a week, Payment is non-refundable. All carriers are lent subject to availability, condition and suitability. A deposit of either £20 will be required at the time of hire and is refunded when carrier is safely returned. (Deposit is automatically waived at a consultation) This deposit may be waived at the discretion of Coorie in with love

    PAYMENT METHODS: Payment is to be made by card, cash or PayPal, paypal is

    LATE RETURNS: Late return of carriers are charged at £1 per day for every day past the agreed return date until the date you contact Coorie in with love and a resolution is agreed. These late fees will be made in cash on return of the carrier. Under adverse weather or unforeseen circumstances late fees may be waived if the carrier will be returned less than 7 days after loan ends and Coorie in with love is contacted before the loan period has ended. This will be Coorie in with love's discretion. If Coorie in with love does not hear from the borrower within 30 days of the load period ending it will be presumes lost or stolen and a Small Courts Claim be made against the borrower.

    RETURNING CARRIERS: Carrier and any accessories must be returned to 23 Edington road, Inverness, IV23DB on the agreed return date on hire form. I am also available to meet locally in town weekday mornings. If you require to post the carrier and any accessories back, please do so using Special Delivery (retain proof of postage) and double bag the carrier placing address on both layers. Please allow sufficient time for the carrier to arrive by the agreed date.

    CONDITION OF CARRIERS: All carriers are checked before put out for hire that they are in good condition and in working order. It is the borrower’s responsibility to check all parts of the carrier before each use that nothing is frayed or damaged. If it is damaged in any way please do not use and contact Coorie in with love immediately.

    SAFE USE: All carriers are extremely safe when used properly, however misuse can cause injury to yourself or your child. It is the borrower’s responsibility to ensure that you are using the carrier correctly and that your baby or child is safe at all times when using the carrier. Before any carrier is hired, you will be given a full demonstration and fit check. A photograph of you with the carrier fitted correctly will be sent via the Facebook page to refer to. Videos of demos are also available as a reminder. Coorie in with love cannot be held responsible for any accident that results in injury or death whilst the carrier is in use during a hire period.

    INSTRUCTIONS:will be provided electronically. If this does not happen it is the borrower’s responsibility to ask for them to be sent. The borrower must read all safety, use and care instructions prior to using the carrier. The carrier must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. We suggest you practise with a doll or teddy after reading the instructions to familiarise yourself with the carrier. If you feel any pain or discomfort, try a different carrying position or remove the carrier.

    CARE OF THE CARRIER : Smoking is not permitted around the carrier or whilst in use. If you, or anyone in your home smokes please let me know before the hire commences. Special laundering of the sling will be needed once the loan period ceases. Smoking is known to increase the risk of cot death for babies and the risks have also been linked to babies in close contact with clothing and objects contaminated with smoke particles. Coorie in with love cannot guarantee there will be no marks or hairs on the carrier. Carriers are spot cleaned after every hire and regularly laundered throughout the year. Please keep carriers away from pets during the hire period. Food and posset marks are expected but please keep carriers away from anything that might permanently stain the carrier (oil, sun cream to be applies 10 mins before use, paint, pens etc) or anything that may damage the carrier (Velcro, scissors, keys, fire etc). If the carrier is damaged during the hire and needs to be replaced, Coorie in with love will ask for the full amount for replacement parts or carrier to be paid by the borrower at full retail price. All carriers remain the property of Coorie in with love at all times during the hire. Hire and availability of carriers are at Coorie in with love’s discretion.

    DOOR HIRES: Doorstep hires are available there will be an additional £5 charge for this service. This does not include demo or fitting service. Video instructions will be sent and fitting checks via messenger if needed.

    Thank you for hiring from Coorie in with love.