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Soul jacquard wraps are sourced responsibly from small weaving centres of southern India, carefully selected for their comfortable working conditions, fair trade practices and no child labour. Like all our carriers these jacquard wraps too are designed and finished in our studio in Bangalore, India. When you snuggle your child into a Soul jacquard you are not only enjoying Indian textiles at their finest but also supporting fair trade and ethical business.

Switch sides arrived in a lovely wee canvas drawstring bag with some info leaflets too.

When I opened the bag, the colour was brighter than I had seen online, it's a lovely bright yellow but not overly in your face bright. At first glance, I thought the other colour was grey, but a closer look and you see that it's a lovely blue colour.

This wrap is quite thin and felt stiff out of the bag, but for a wrap classed as 'high street range' I wasn't expecting a big thick plush wrap.

After a wash and iron, it definitely took the crispness out of it. The horizontal stripes on this wrap make it great for those new to wrapping, also by being thin it's easy to use. It has a slight diagonal stretch which allows you to give a good pull to get it secure.

First I tried Caitlin in a simple ruck, which was comfy enough but after a short time I did feel it diggy on my shoulders, I put this down to it being a thinner wrap and she is a toddler so not very light. So we played with a couple of multi-pass carrys and it was definitely a lot comfier. With the bit of stretch, I could easily bounce Caitlin to get a deep seat and the slight stiffness allowed the passes to grip nicely. I have played about with quite a few different ways to finish and they are all easy, plus my knots and nice and small.

I use this wrap for consultations and at my sling meets now and it's very popular with new and experienced wrappers alike.

Also when they find out the price I think they love it a wee bit more.

Souls slings are such a lovely company too and I love how ethical they are and how close they work with their weavers.

​A great wrap to add to your stash. Xx

​Price for a size 6 £33.50 Item gifted by brand

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