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"Do I need to back carry at 6months?"

Simply. NO.

Can you? Yes

🙂 6months is usually the age that people learn to back carry. This is because babys development in neck and core strength are stronger and there is less likely for slumping. Yes some babies have very strong necks before this age, but 6m is isaually best to wait for the core to develop too.

🤔 But does this mean you need to start only back carrying at 6m? No it doesn't.

What I find it that once you start, you discover how much freedom you have on your front and then want to do it all the time. Then when baby or you want to front carry, baby has grown and you may struggle.

👍🏻 My advice is usually, just because you can learn at this age, enjoy the front for as long as you are comfortable. This is also helpful if you have a baby that still likes to feed a lot. As once you learn to feed in the sling, it gives you more freedom to be out and about too.

😁 With my first, I learned how to back carry at 6m and did that mostly, once I was confident.

😊 With my second, his first back carry was at 8 days old so I could back with big sister, but we didn't regularly back carry untill he was well over a year old.

😛 So, just because you can, doesn't mean you need to. You do what works for you and baby.

👌 Also, if you wanted or needed to back carry younger, it's possible but you have less options.

Want more information on this? Feel free to get in touch.

When did you start?

Laurna x

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